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The BYS eye range consists of beautiful silky finish long wearing eye shadows, pencil and liquid liners as well as various mascaras for nude or dramatic looks.

Animal Instincts Dark
Animal Instincts Green
Animal Instincts Natural
Animal Instincts Purple
Auto Eyeliner Smudger Berry
Auto Eyeliner Smudger Black
Auto Eyeliner Smudger Charcoal
Auto Eyeliner Smudger Dark Blue
Auto Eyeliner Smudger Dark Teal
Auto Eyeliner Smudger Light Blue
Auto Eyeliner Smudger Light Green
Auto Eyeliner Smusger Purple
Eyecrame Pink Heavy Metal
Eyecreme Blue Heavy Metal
Eyeliner Liquid Electric Blue
Eyeliner Liquid Pearlised Black
Eyeliner Liquid Pearlised Gold
Eyeliner Liquid Pearlised Silver
Eyeliner Liquid Smudge Waterproof
Eyeliner Liquid Teal
Eyeliner Pencil Black
Eyeliner Pencil Cocoa
Eyeliner Pencil Electric Blue
Eyeliner Pencil Ocean Green
Eyeliner Pencil Snow White
Eyeshadow 10 Pallet Denim in Distress
Eyeshadow 10 Pallet Glam Rock
Eyeshadow 10 Pallet Glam Rock
Eyeshadow 10 Pallet Guilty Pleasures
Eyeshadow 10 Pallet Operation Khaki
Eyeshadow High Shine Galaxy
Eyeshadow Horizontal Black Steel
Eyeshadow Horizontal Bold & Bright
Eyeshadow Horizontal Limited Edition
Eyeshadow Horizontal Mod Brights
Eyeshadow Horizontal Natural Delight
Eyeshadow Horizontal Smokey Chic
Eyeshadow Horizontal Spring Bouquet
Eyeshadow Metallic Browns
Eyeshadow Metallic Darks
Eyeshadow Metallic Miami Beats
Eyeshadow Metallic Party Till Sunrise
Eyeshadow Metallic Purples
Mascara Extreme Volume & Lengthening
Mascara Waterproof with Nylon Flex Brush
Minerals Naturale Eyeshadow Amethyst
Minerals Naturale Eyeshadow Blush
Minerals Naturale Eyeshadow Diamond
Minerals Naturale Eyeshadow Eclipse
Minerals Naturale Eyeshadow Envy
Minerals Naturale Eyeshadow Goldilocks
Minerals Naturale Eyeshadow Lotus
Minerals Naturale Eyeshadow Lulu Blue
Minerals Naturale Eyeshadow Rosebud
Minerals Naturale Eyeshadow Sahara
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